In 2008, Terry Bolland was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.

He was 70 at the time and very active.

Terry had always loved sport, especially running.

And he had always loved the countryside.

He committed himself to encouraging and organising others to get involved.

Terry’s wife Margaret used to be a runner.   She’s 78 now and starting to slow down a bit.

Terry’s five children are all runners……..of varying standards, these days!

So are his children in-law.  So are his grandchildren…..well, some of them.


Living with dementia is hard and it isn’t a fairytale ending.  On 16th April 2016, Terry passed away peacefully at Greenheys dementia specialist care home surrounded by his family.  His journey had been tough, very tough.

Terry wasn't the only one out there.  There are lots of Terrys and lots of carers, struggling to manage as the dementia progresses.

And the disease does progress, although how it does that is different for everyone.  Eventually, it is no longer possible to manage alone and you need help.

But for a long time, there are lots of things you can do to make it easier.


And it is possible to continue to take part in community life, so long as the rest of the community can be understanding towards your needs

Alzheimers Society were a lifeline for Terry………so was the NHS.  And with research scientists like the team at Lancaster University, Defying Dementia  will become a real possible for those of us who follow Terry


So, join us in being Dementia Friendly........…..with a Race2Remember